Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CoroCoro July Magazine Leaks #2 Keldeo Resolution Form etc

Images of CoroCoro July magazine leaks, also please see previous post and Genesect info.
Thanks for the sharing  first images to 2ch anonymous.

  • Scoop#1: White Kyurem' ability is same as Reshiram's one. Black Kyurem' ability is same as Zekrom's one.
  • Scoop#2: Differential part of Black 2 and White2. Black Kyurem, Magby and Buneary (and evo lines) are in B2. White Kyurem, Skitty and Elekid are in W2 exclusively. Also town/area, underground water vein in B2, lava activating area in W2. Black City and White Forest are mentioned, but not sure in B2 or W2. 
  • Scoop#3: Poke Transfer (Poke Shifter), we can transmit BW's Pokemon, covering DP,Pt, HG, SS
  • Scoop#4 [Medal system] the system evaluate your play. [Fes Mission] we can play to clear mission with max 100 person simultaneously [Joint Avenue] we can open own shop, visitor is communicated passing each other before (CrossPass)
  • Scoop#5: Gymleader Elesa in Nimbasa City, uses Flaaffy. Fashionshow in Nimbasa City ?! New Plasm and old plasm meet at the same place. Caption says Tema Plasm did notdie, still active in the many place. Raval has strong anger. 
  • For changing forme of Keldeo, bring Keldeo to deep Forest in Sangi Town. Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion as well.
  • Keldeo can use Sacred Sword with Resolution Forme.
  • After taking Meloetta (movie theater distribution) to the cafe in Castelia City, we get a special fes mission.
  • Special singing Piplup given away : 20 July to 9 Aug
  • [ AR Searcher/Dream Radar ] When you shoot 'Dream Cloud', you can obtain Pokemon (Porygon etc) and items (Evolutionary Stone etc) 
  • Forme changing of Kami trio is item based (Refrecting mirror) in B2W2
  • Dream Ball for machine power up in Dream Radar, it comes from Dream Cloud 
  • Tornadus: Regenerator, Thundurus: Volt Absorb, Landorus: Intimidate

  • Keldeo head has three colors of Muskedeers and it looks swords
  • Pokemon TCG and Chess
  • Keldeo Art board, Resolution complete
  • Are you ready ? I'm ready.

  • Pokemon Tretta info : Service-in mid of July 2012
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15 Jun 202: Replaced the images

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Anonymous said...

I don't like Keldeo's Resolution forme.

It looks very similar to old forme. :/

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