Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Pokemon Collection Report at WHF

Here is Pokemon Plush New Series 'My Pokemon Collection' report,
at World Hobby Fair Tokyo dated on 22 Jan 2011.
  • Banpresto displays sample of 'My Pokemon Collection',  72 new Pokemon BW  plushies totally. Please refer to the following videos.
  • They are UFO catcher prize, size (height) 10-11cm, with key chain.
  • Current displaying plushies are series 01 to series 12, each 6 pcs. April 2011 to December 2011.
  • Some of them are exhibited with photos/illustration, some are actual sample plush.
  • Exhibition site staff says, they will release "My Pokemon Collection" after December as well. At present, not sure that to release every BW Pokemon, but they would release them as much as wide coverage. (Please see note 1)

Following videos are uploaded just raw files to youtube, very welcome revising color, files join etc for more easy to see. Will update clear pics, all names and release schedule later.

[ Set 01 to 03 ]

[ Set 04 ]

[ Set 05-06 ]

[ Set 07-10 ]

[ Set 11-12 ]

Note 1:
On the other hands, found other positive proof, 4/5th week of April to 1st week of May plusies are available (pre-order) in only this store at present, merchandise explanation of them mentions "イッシュ地方のポケモン全てをコンプリートできるぬいぐるみシリーズ" in Japanese. Means "Plush series that enable FULL COMPLETE every Unova region Pokemon ". Store quotes this wording from Banpreso's catalog for retailers, AAPF confirmed that with the store.

Anyway, we will see some more more more new plushies step by step, please don't be upset if not including your favorite BW Pokemon in the current videos and photos, it will come in front of you later.

Added label/category "MPC"(My Pokemon Collection) newly for easy reference in AAPF 

It was very nice to see you ktmonkeyj-san at WHF :D , please check LJ community for  more clear pics.

[ Edit ]
24 Jan 2011: Revised video files are uploaded and changed links.


happyjolteon said...

詳しいビデオを載せて頂いて、ありがとうございます!m(_ _)m


Kats said...

楽しんでもらえればAAPFも嬉しいです :D

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