Thursday, December 16, 2010

PokemonFan, Mistery Egg info, Movie title trivia

Just short info.

  • Coming publish on 18 December 2010 Pokemon info magazine Pokemon Fan Vol.15, bonus item (free gift) is Pokemon Strap BW 1 Reshiram and Zekrom's shiny shining paint clear version.
  • In yesterday post about mystery egg, it was mentioned TCG, sorry for ununderstandable contents. It edited. As for game one, will report it tomorrow.  
  • AAPF received several comments about Movie 14th title. What is deference of 黒い and 黒き in Japanese ? Meaning is same. 黒き is 黒い's archaic word expression. In the oldest Japanese poetry Manyoushu (AD 759), used/recognized color were only 黒 (black), 白 (white), 赤 (red) and 青 (blue). Today, we can use/allow adjectival usage 黒し (kuro shi), 黒き (kuro ki), 黒い (kuro i) in four colors only. What case we use archaic word expression 黒き intentionally, for example to add more dignity or make nutral etc. For more includes image, metaphor in 黒, please refer to wikipedia (Japanese).

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