Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine (Video)

** NOTE : This post (video) includes Pokemon Personification **

Have you seen 'Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine' ?

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[ Background/History ]

Arcade game Pop'n Music 17 was released from Konami in March 2009. Game song 'Capsule Princess - Miracle Medicine' included in it. After game service-in, many drug incidents in the entertainment field in Japan were found simultaneously. Like the song have got to anticipate the incidents, it was popular in 2ch bbs because attracted by incident synchronicity and song lyrics.

In May 2010, Pikachu with the song 'Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine (ふしぎなくすり のまされて)' was posted to NicoNico video site, play ranking was higher. (1st trend). After that, in November 2010, another video 'To be put a Strange drug (ふしぎなくすり かけられて)' as homage to ''Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine'. 2nd trend started explosively. Today, many various related videos(Pokemon, Bio Hazard, Invasion! Squid Girl etc) are posting to Niconico video and Youtube continuously..

[ Reference ]

What is Pop'n Music ? Refer to Wikipedia
Pop'n Music Official Site, Music and Characters 17
Game screen of Capsule Princess - Miracle Medicine
CD : Pop'n Music 17original sound track

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