Monday, November 15, 2010

Uploaded Pokemon BW Plush Pics (Banpreso)

Provisional pics for the following Pokemon BW Plushies are uploaded to previous post 'Pokemon Plushies Release in Crowds No.3 (Banprest)' Will replace them later.

[ January 2011 ]
  • Pokemon Plush BW Round Form  (height 15cm probably)
    • #498 Pokabu, #519 Mamebato, #570 Zoroa, #610 Kibago, #643 Reshiram 
 [ February 2011 ]
  • Pokemon BW Mini Plush with elastic string (height about 8cm)
    • #495 Tsutaja, #498 Pokabu, #501 Mijumaru, #517 Munna, #610 Kibago
  • Pokemon Plush BW Round Form  (height 15cm probably)
    • #495 Tsutaja, #529 Mogury, #551 Meguroko, #644 Zekrom, (One more)
[ March 2011 ]
  • Pokemon Plush BW Round Form (height 15cm probably)
    • #501 Mijumaru, #511 Yanappu, #517 Munna, #527 Koromori, (One more)


Scrib said...

Is it possible that the "one more" listed in March is Shikijika? There are two very vague listings here and here with a March release date

Kats said...

Banpresto one is not sure at the present. Tomy one is yes, Shikijika as your writing. When I get info, I will edit soon.

Kats said...

Hi Scrib,
Shikijika plush from Banpresto will release in March 2011. Please refer to this post.

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