Sunday, September 14, 2008

Procedure for Capturing Rotom forme

Corocoro's October magazine and Platinum official pages comment on procedure for capturing new Rotom forme.

Step 1 : Capturing Rotom
  • We don't need to complete Sinnou Dex/entering to Hall of Fame, not like DP. Go to Old Chateau in Eterna Forest. There is a TV in one of the rooms, then check TV at night. When battling with Rotom, recommend to use Darkball.
Capturing Rotom
Step 2 : Receiving Secret Key
  • Special item 'Secret Key' will be distributed on 28 September 2008 to 4 November via WiFi connection or DS station in Japan.
  • A Secret Key can be received in one Platinum
  • Preparation for receiving Secret Key in case of using Wi-Fi : Talk to TV producer in 3rd floor at Jubilife TV , then answer 'みんな' (everyone) 'ハッピ-' (happy) for impression on TV, 'Wi-Fi' 'つうしん' (communication) for comment on TV. Please refer to PokemonJP official page.
  • Then go to friendly shop (anywhere OK) and green cloth wearing person near counter

Step 3 : Visiting to Secret Room

  • Go to Secret Room with Secret Key where is 1st floor of Team Galaxy bld. in Eterna City.
  • Before that, need to win Jupiter in the battle.
Secret Room with Secret Key[ Reference ]
Pokemon Platinum Official Site and Corocoro's October magazine
[ For Platinum order Link : Available in ]

[ Edit 14 September ] Added friendly shop in step 2

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