Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pokemon next Movie 12 based on Greece ?

Just small topic.
Pokemon screenwriters Hideki SONODA visited to Greece for gathering info purpose in the end of August.
Visited to Archaeological Site of Delphi, Kalambaka, monasteries in Meteora, Ioannina, Vitsa village and The Vikos Gorge in Zagori. He posted it to his blog, nothing mentions Pokemon.

[ Reference ]
Hideki Sonoda's blog : Greece day#1, #2
Pokeani news
Serebiiforums : Movie 12: Possible Setting?

[ Edit ]
08 Oct 2008: Additional info posted to Pokemon Movie 12th info
08 Dec 2010: How is Pokemon movie 14th ? Check this post

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Randy Kasugano said...

A movie Featuring Arceus's debut is going to need a Greece setting.

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