Sunday, August 10, 2008

Corocoro's September Magazine Info (Game)

In 2ch Platinum thread, one person uploaded rest of Corocoro scanning page with good quality.

BTW, Pokemon blog BlueSky was attacked from 2ch users (via network, comment/trackback flood writing etc) last night, then the blog closed temporally. Because the blog violated the copy right rule, the photo was copied without quotation/permit from another personal blog who uploaded the photo by buying. 2ch users sent several warnings/complaint to BlueSky so far. Now everything is OK, Blue sky is running as usual.

Info or news handling site includes my site AAPF, must care quotation.
Sometimes I' ve forgot to write the quotation/reference. AAPF's guide line for quotation as follow:

Source fromQuotationNotes
Information by buying (own property, buying book/photo/catalog/figure/plush/info etc)No quote
Company (Merch. regular release)No quoteTomy, Bandai, Yujin, PokemonJP, Banpresto etc
Company (Merch. irregular release, campaign info etc)Quote
Anonymous site/blogQuote basically2ch, youtube,
other Pokemon fan site etc
Personal site/blogQuote

Please reconsider this in your site.

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