Thursday, July 10, 2008

Platinum Game Info from Corocoro

Corocoro Magazine August's info on Platinum as follow :

Release date : 13 September in Japan

[ Story ]
  • Cyrus calls Dialga and Palkia simultaneously
  • Adding new person to Team Galactic as executive
  • Adding International police, hunting for Team Galactic
  • Cyrus is giving speech
[ Pokemon ]
  • Ability of Giratina origin forme : Levitate
  • Ability of Shaymin sky forme : Serene Grace
  • Shaymin forme can be changed by Glacidia's Flower in Floaroma Town
  • Glacidia's Flower is key items, not vanished
  • Giratina origin forme in Torn World, another forme in other place, but there is way of keeping origin forme
[ Buildings / Features ]
  • Adding "Battle Frontier"
  • Adding "WiFi Club"
  • In WiFi club, can play mini-game with Swalot
  • GTS renewal and new function
  • BP exchange place looks market in Slateport City
[ Items ]
  • Adding Battle recorder, can be recorded battle scene (more than 4 scene in the photo)
  • Recording contents can be broadcasted globally
Thanks to Pokemon Platinum game thread in 2ch.

[ Reference ]
Corocoro Magazine August Page Scanning page1, page2, page3

[ Edit ] Additional info :
When encounter with Regice, Regirock and Registeel in Platinum, music is same as Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald's one. Source : GameFreak Mr. Masuda's blog

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