Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pokemon Plush Info (Banpresto, Tomy)

[ Banpresto ]

Official site has updated June to August's release items. Please refer to the page for June, July and August.

Banpresto Pokemon Plush Jun Jul Aug Info
[ Tomy ]

The following plushies will be released from Tomy on 9 October. Will upload the photo later.
  • #470 Leafeon, #471 Glaceon (Size : 8-10", same as this series)
  • #025 Pikachu, #393 Piplup, #470 Leafeon, #471 Glaceon, #492 Shaymin sky forme (Size will be edited later, relax pose)
To Eeveevolution fas : As for Leafeon and Glaceon plushies from PokemonCenter (pokedoll), official and regit Pokedolls are sold out in almost stores recently and no more product at present. Please do not miss this chance.

[ Edit 25 July ] Additional info is posting to Leafeon & Glaceon plush

[ Edit 9 September ] Latest photos are posting to Leafeon & Glaceon Plush 2


Unknown said...

ease post picture of the new Leafia/Glacia TOMY plushes when you can :D
Thakyou for the information!!

Kats said...

No photo at present. Will post when I get it.

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