Friday, May 2, 2008

Sky Form & Land Form for New Pokemon ?

As for "form" related new Pokemon, the followings are status in trademark database IPDL.
  • Another form : Applied on 14 Feb 2008
  • Origin form :Applied on 14 Feb 2008
  • Sky form : Applied on 20 Feb 2008
  • Land form : Applied on 20 Feb 2008
Another and Origin forms have been applied from Nintendo, GameFreak and Creatures. Sky and Land forms have been applied from a private person who looks concerned Pokemon business in Japan. 
Will unveil later step by step.

BTW, we confirmed some sites and forums used or based AAPF's post without quote/link recently. Please link to AAPF. Otherwise AAPF is going to change member-ship blog.
Thank you for your understanding.

[ 2 May 2008 AM9:12 JST / 1 May 2008 PM5:12 PST ] 1st Edit
[ Added 21 May 23:59 JST / 21 May 07:59 PST ] Shaymin's sky form article is posted
[ Added 9 June ] If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.


Pizza said...

You don't name your sources either. In this case, it's the bbs where you read about these names.

Kats said...

Can't open your profile.
Unbelievable things for you maybe...we checked the keyword one by one in IPDL then found. After that, posted to Japanese huge Bbs at the first for cross check our result. That's why no source in this time.

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