Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Additional Info (Yujin & Bandai Pokekids)

  • Just short notice. Bandai will release Pokemon Kids DP8 (14 figures) and Movie set (2kinds) in the middle of July. No info on detailed contents at present, will post and photo later. As for reference, current figure release status is shown in Release summary, and shown in last year Movie set.
[ 28 Apr 8:41 JST / 27 Apr 16:41 PST ] 1st Edit
[ 28 Apr 18:20 JST / 28 Apr 2:20 PST ] Added source site
[ 5 May 16:43 JST / 5 May 00:43 PST] As of 5 May, deleted photo and Shaymin origin form
[ Added 21 May 23:59 JST / 21 May 07:59 PST ] Shaymin's sky form article is posted
[ Added 9 June ] Shaymin Forme Info tag is added
[ Added 30 July ] Final photo of DS pen is uploaded


Dev said...

noooooooo!!!! I really wanted a new Pokemon not a stupid Shaymin form!!!

Kats said...

Still there is a possibility Shaymin new form and a new Pokemon will appear. If so, everybody happy :D

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