Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Pokemon XY English Name and New Footage

Pokemon English site updates, introduce new footage and new Pokemon official arts and English name.

[ Video ]

[ New Pokemon Name ]
  • Chespin's evolution : Quilladin (ハリボーグ) Details
  • Fennekin's evolution : Braixen (テールナー)
  • Froakie's evolution : Frogadier (ゲコガシラ)
  •  Furfrou (トリミアン), having groomed style Details
  •  Meowstic (ニャオニクス), blue is male, white is female Details
  • Left: Amaura (アマルス) Details
  • Right Tyrunt (チゴラス) Details
  • Pyroar (カエンジシ), has female form Details

[ Mega Pokemon ]
  • Mega Mewtwo X Details
  • Mega Garchomp

[ Type Matchingup Chart ]
  • XY type matching chart (PDF)
  • Grass-type Pokemon are immune to Leech Seed and powder and spore moves.
  • Electric-type Pokemon cannot be afflicted with the Paralyzed condition
  • Ghost-type Pokemon are not affected by moves that prevent Pokemon from fleeing from battle

[ Characters ]

  • Famous movie star  Diantha (カルネ) Details
  • Team Flare scientists guy name : Xerosic Details
  • Purple-haired woman : Celosia
  • Orange-haired woman : Aliana
  • Green-haired woman : Bryony
  • Blue-haired woman : Mable

[ New System ]

  • You can change your outfits and hair style Details 
  • Trainer PR Videos : Making video clip for 10 seconds of you and your Pokemon, can share it with other players  Details

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