Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pokemon Sukui Doll (Figure)

Today's post let you know very niche collectable Pokemon figures.

Name is Sukui Doll figure (Sukui Doll means scooping small puppet in Japanese) by unknowm products maker. Shape is similar to Bandai Pokemo Kids figure, but no hole on the bottom for floating on the water.
This figure is for the festival and carnival scooping game, details is shown as the following video. Available only bulk order to festival tools wholesaler, no selling at the retail stores.
Recently Genesect,  Charizard and Eevee related Pokemon movie 16 are releasing.

Pokemon Sukui Doll Figure 1

Pokemon Sukui Doll Figure 2

Pokemon Sukui Doll Figure 3

Pokemon Sukui Doll Figure 4

If missing others, please let me know.

[ Sukui Doll Scooping Game in Festa ]

[ Order link ]
Rakuten  : 10pcs set and etc

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