Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Trademark Pokemon Trreta Battles in US

Trademark topics is continue. found the following new trademarks by The Pokemon Company International in US.
  • Pokétretta Battles
  • Pokétretta Tournament
  • Pokéfigure Arena
  • Pokéfigure
Seems Pokétretta Battles and Pokétretta Tournament are related to Pokemon Tretta (arcade game) and Pokemon Tretta Lab (Nintendo 3DS game).

In the meantime, AAPF checked related to Poke, Tretta, Figure words in Japanese trademark database, no trademarks of related to the above four, but found the following one newly.

PokeMover ポケムーバー
  • ポケムーバー (Poke Mover)
  • Trademark No.2013-13696, Applied on 2013.2.15 by personal name as usual
  • Scope : Video game, Toys, Amusement Facilities
This person also registered TFG (Trading Figure Game), Spin Figure trademarks so far.

Not sure this trademark is related to Pokemon, also related to PokeFigure at the moment.

==> Confirmed PokeMover (English Name:Pokemon Transporter) is used for Pokemon Bank according to Pokemon Direct. No relation with Tretta.

[ Reference ]
Japanese Trademark DB

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[ Edit ]
5 Sep 2013: Followup Pokemon Direct

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