Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Pokemon Battle Game Trademark ? Found

Serebii.net reports that Siliconera.com found the following new trademarks registered in US by The Pokemon Company International Inc recently.
  • Pokkén Fighters
  • Pokkén Tournament
According to this info, we checked Japanese trademark database, seems the following one is Japanese name.
  • ポッ拳 Pokken (Means Pokemon + 拳 fist/boxing/fighting)  Note 1
  • Trademark No.5569266, Applied on 2012.10.10 by personal name as usual
Pokken in Japanese Trademark

There is a high possibility that these are related to mysterious noise treasure of Blaziken VS Lucario in Pokemon Game Show, looks sort of new Pokemon battle game.

Hoping details will unveil soon.

[ Reference ]

Note1 : Example for 拳 (Ken) uses major game title : 鉄拳 Tekken by Namco.

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