Friday, July 12, 2013

Orot Orkrot オーロット オークロット Info (XY)

In 2ch thread, a movie theater related person came and talked about rumor Orot.
  • It is existing
  • Name オーロット or オークロット Orot/Oakrot is not sure
  • It appears a moment in Horde Encounters of XY game advertisement part
  • Shape is like おばけかれき マンドラゴラ Mandragora of Dragon Quest (images )
I missed it moment in the preview show, but my color of afterimage was a few green and dark brown.

Tomorrow is movie 16 official release day in Japan.

It will reveal soon.

→ It オーロット is confirmed at movie theater today. Details come soon. Sketch of オーロット as follow, image from @denkimouse, @mamoswine and @nikitan500. Thanks for drawing :D

[ Edit ]
17 July 2013 : Added more Orot sketch, thanks to 2ch anonymous

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