Thursday, July 11, 2013

CoroCoro August Leaks (XY)

CoroCoro August Leaks, thanks for sharing to 2ch Anime thread.

  • Xerneas : Life Pokemon, Fairy type, ability Fairy Aura (power up of Fair type  moves) , has new move Geo Control, height 3m weight 215kg
  • Yveltal : Destruction Pokemon, Dark/Flying type. ability Dark Aura (power up of Dark type moves. has a new move called Death Wing, height 5.8m weight 203kg

  • Pancham evolves to Pangoro ゴロンダ. Pangoro is Fighting/Dark, move Arm Hammer, ability Iron Fist.

  • Inkay マーイーカー : Revolving Pokemon, Evolves to Malamar, Dark/Psychic type. Ability Contrary, uses new move Overturn (ひっくりかえす).
  • Malamar カラマネロ : Overturning Pokemon, Dark/Psychic type. Ability Contrary, uses move Hypnotism
  • Honedge : Steel/Ghost type, Ability No Guard, move Swardsd Dance

  • Spritzee シュシュプ : Perfume Pokemon, Fairy type, ability Healer, move Aromatherapy. Pokemon Y exclusive
  • Skrelp : Pokemon Y exclusive
  • Professor Sycamore プラターヌ : He battles you
  • Team Flare :Aim money-making
  • Swirlix ペロッパフ : Cotton candy Pokemon, Fairy type, ability called Sweet Veil, new move Drain Kiss. Pokemon X exclusive
  • Clauncher : Pokemon X exclusive
  • New Gym Leader : Clemont シトロン, he is like an inventor, Grant ザクロン is good at sports.
  • PSS function O-Power is helping your play the game

  • Bonus of XYpreoder via CoCoro : Xerneas Yveltal Pokemon Plamo (PokePla) Mini, height 8-10cm
  • Preorder starts on 10 August AM10 in Japan
[ Pokemon XY Trailer #5 ]

[ Reference and More Details ]
Pokemon XY : Official Page (Eng)

[ Edit ]
13 July 2013 : Edited English name and added the new PV

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