Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Genosect Will Come Soon 3 ?

As we've reported that there is a possibility of upcoming Genosect appearing in the previous article,  here is an updating.

Word 'Genosect' was DELETED in the revised flier of guide book 'Perfect Pokemon Dex' recently according to source person ararabo, who brought the image of guide book, and he has connection of book retailer.
  • Before :  Complete Dex covering of Illusory Pokemon Keldeo, Meloetta, Genosect
  • Revised :  Complete Dex covering of of Illusory Pokemon
Pokemon BW2 PokeDex Guide Book Overlap Flier Aug 2012 via ararabo
In the meanwhile, CoroCoro next magazine advertisement is nothing change so far.
We will know what Illusory Pokemon is featuring in the next CoroCoro August, publish on 14 July.

Next CoroCoro Aug 2012 Trailer AAPF Report

Thanks to Ararabo's Blog for the info :D.

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