Thursday, May 17, 2012

MiteMite ☆ KoChiChi (Momoiro Clover Z)

As several times reporting on new ED for Pokemon TV Anime and movie 15 short film, it's aired today.
Performing by female idol group Momoico Clover Z aka MomoClo (ももクロ).

Momoiro Clover Z x Pokemon

[ MiteMite ☆ KoChiChi / Look Look Here by Momoiro Clover Z  ]

[ Full Version @mmclandetc ]
Full version is aired on Reni's (purple) redio program.

[ Meloetta Single Dancing Version @TheBestOf997 ] Edit
The song is appropriate melody for dancing, here is Meloetta single dancing version

[ Details Choreograph/Movements for MiteMite ☆ KoChiChi / Look Look Here ]

If you are Mononofu (モノノフ means name of MomoClo's fans), must dance in their live together :D
Dance designed by Yumi Shikawa, Click the image for enlarge.

CD MiteMite☆KochiChi LookLook Here by Momoico Clover Z

[ Reference ]
TV Tokyo Pokemon Anime : MiteMite Dance
Order for CD : AmazonJP, Rakuten  CD-abbey, Guruguru-ds, Supprise-2, Vander

[ Edit ]
Thanks to mmclandetc and TheBestOf997@YouTube.ADD
05 June 2012: Added the CD image

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