Friday, May 25, 2012

Pokemon Fan Vol 23 (Shougakukan)

Shougakukan will publish magazine Pokemon Fan Vol.23 (information magazine for anime/movie/merchandise etc) on 1 June 2012. Next Pokemon Fan Vol.24 will come on 23 July 14 July 2012.

Magazine Pokemon Fan Vol.23 Shougakukan
Pokemon Fan Vol 23 Trailer Shougakukan from Famitsu DSWii
Pokemon Keldeo Figure Strap Clear Versioon Pokemon Fan Vol 23
[ Attachment (Freebie) ]
  • Pokemon starp BW Keldeo clear version (maybe design same as Bandai Pokemon Figure BW Swing 1? Or Pokemon strap BW 3 will be released in September ?)
  • Pokemon Exciting News DVD (Movie, TV Anime)
  • Pokemon Battrio V Tepig
  • Pokemon Tretta Start dash guide booklet
  • Meloetta Forme Changing Sun visor
[ Reference / Order ]
Shougakukan : Pokemon Fan Page
Amazon JP, Rakuten Books

[ Edit ]
31 May 2012 :  Added the cover page
03 Jul 2012 : Corrected publish date od Vol.24

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