Sunday, May 27, 2012

Banpresto Upcoming Plush Merchandise

Banpresto and Tomy will release the following merchandise in June and November 2012.
  • Top in the image : Plush Key Holder
  • 2nd in the image : Super DX Plush
  • Bottom in the image : Regular plush
Pokemon Plush Banpresto Game Prize in June from Famitsu DSWii AAPF post

  • My Pokemon Collection 20 in November 2012
  • Image from great community Pkmncollectors @donny9, we always appreciate it, thank you :D)
  • #518 Musharna, #543 Venipede, #575 Gothorita, #608 Lampent, #629 Vullaby, #617 Accelgor 
Pokemon Plush MPC 20 Banpresto from donny9 AAPF post

[ Omake ]
Meloetta will appear on Pokemon TV ANnime Best Weshes Epsord 82, will air on 7 June 2012.

Pokemon TV Anime BW EP82 from Famitsu DSWii AAPF Post

[ Reference ]
Banpresto : Upcoming Item News


Anonymous said...

The 3rd scan looks like it's from the Meloetta Episode instead, is their a source of the translation so we can know it's really from the movie episode?

Kats said...

3rd scan is from magazine Famitsu DS Wii July. Here is full scan : Caption says 'Meloetta appeas on 7 June. How will they meet with Meloetta ?'

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