Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mysterious Pokemon Found ?

We posted the article 'New Trailer for Pokemon Movie 15' last Friday, there was a Meloetta new image. This image came from Receiving Keldeo Guide (PDF) from Pokemon movie official page.
Please see it once. Have you notice something ?

Meloetta's Sparkling Recital Pirouette Forme.jpg

Marking image here you are. What do you think, hint for new Pokemon ?

All of these Pokemon we've known them. No new Pokemon.
AAPF noticed this by blog's comment, we thanks you to Anonymous ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ.

Probably this image will be used for movie promotion. Answer and marked image will be uploaded later.

[ Reference ]
Pokemon Movie Site : Receiving Keldeo Guide (PDF)

[ Edit ]
18 Apr 2012:Edit content and image
20 Apr 2012:Edit content and deleted image


Anonymous said...

Left one looks like Mudkip. In the tree is a Spiked-Ear Pichu. But the third one... ^^

Anonymous said...

the one on the left could be mudkip, the one on top of the right tree is spiky ear pichu, they were on the first poster, under pichu could it be celebi? and near the tree between melloetta and bulbasaur could it be Mew?

Anonymous said...

So that means, there is no new Pokemon anymore?

Kats said...

No new Pokemon, there was wrong info in the post, sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

no new pokemon, but is the first time that indicates the possibility that Mew and Celebi are in the short movie with Melloetta

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