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Pokemon B2W2 Movie 15 Info in CoroCoro May

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  • Release Date : 23 June 2012
  • Scoop 1 : White Kyurem's attack Cold Flare (Ice Burn), Black Kyurem's attack Freeze Bolt (Freeze Shock), Power 140
  • Scoop 2 : B2W2 is sequels BW. it takes place 2 years after original BW. Unova region is frozen, caption says 'What happened here?'
  • Scoop 3 : Renewal Unova Pokedex, expand to appx. 300 Pokemon. Includes Tyranitar, Metagross, Eevee, Psyduck, Riolu. Caption says do Eevee and Psyduck appear in the early stage ?

[ Page 2 ]
  • Scoop 4 : New protagonists for players, a boy and girl, caption says they are sporty and mature, we've never seen like that before.
  • Scoop 5 : Introduced 4 New characters. Blue haired boy is rival, living in Hiougi City. Researcher uniform man is Akuroma (maybe be achroma), he is researching on the strength of Pokemon, he can help you sometimes. As for two new gym leader, lefty guitar player her name is Homika, she is master of poison, her gym is live-house (club). Homika will appear in the Pokemon TV anime on 14 June. Water type new gym leader is Shizui, he will give you advice.

[ Page 3 ]
  • Scoop 6 : Journey will begin from Hiougi City, located south west of Unova. There is very hilly location and your house in Hiougi. PokeCenter and trainer’s school are there too. Newly introduced three new buildings. First one : captions say lively building, what do the blue and red objects mean ? Second : on the road, many stores, what can you buy ? Third : underwater tunnel by glass, there is Mantine above.
  • Other#1 : Preorder bonus is two kind of posters.
  • Other#2 : On CoroCoro May magazine, new comic by Satoshi Kanda starts

[ Page 4 ]
  • Above caption says 'Something happen on Keldeo when battling with Kyurem on the train roof top.
  • Introduced Meloetta new forme Pirouette.
  • Movie 15 preview will play on 1 July 2012, 4500 persons (lottery) will be invited.
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