Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pokemon B2W2 in Pokemon Smash

Gamefreak Pokemon producer Masuda-san, and B2W2 director Unno-san appeared and showed the gameplay footage in TV show Pokemon Smash today.

[ Pokemon Smash 15 Apr 2012 from dolphin2@youtube ]

00:17 Masuda-san, Unno-san appeared, introduction
02:12-04:13 CM
04:14-13:09 Gameplay footage 1 (Azurill appears)
13:10-14:45 Official Pokemon B2W2 PV (same as this)
15:25-17:44 Gameplay footage 2 (Battling Black Kyurem VS White Kyurem)
17:49-17:59 Movie 15 info
18:00-18:24 CM

Thank you for the video to dolphin2@youtube.
And many thanks for live tweeting and coverage updating to :D

Found this, gif file map deferential parts.

Pokemon BW B2W2 map gif


Anonymous said...

So who is the game director? I've read on other sites that Takao Unno is, not Umino.

Thanks for all this info Katz.

Kats said...

Oh it was mistaken, corrected. Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Ice cover half of the region..seriously....superb insane...

Weasel said...


The Dragonspiral Tower--what will become of it? Did Kyurem do that and if it did then why is it so angry? Wow, I want this game even more than before.

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