Wednesday, April 11, 2012

COMPLAINT to Some Pokemon Fans

I have a complaint to some Pokemon fans.
Don't ask uploading CoroCoro Pokemon pages to @air_dmzil directly. I've seen two persons in the twitter yesterday and today.
He are buying it with extra fees, of cause early get means special sales. It's his, NOT YOURS.
As early get CoroCoro, shop breaks the sales rule. He and the shop have trust relationship, then  we know the info by his kindness and courtesy of his share mind. Personally I approached and offered him to buy Pokemon relation pages for you, but negotiation was rejected, because of the above persons behaviors.

You spoil our important resource.

Saying again, Do not ask to upload/scan CoroCoro Pokemon pages to @air_dmzil directly.

[ Add ] 11 Apr 2012 13:00 JST

Message from @air_dmzil :
Unfortunately can not help for Pokemon fans expectation.
Reasons are abovementioned plus, in case of Pokemon information, it's very sensitive issue recently. There is high risk for him and he has a possibility to arrest by the copy right violation if scanning upload, same as this.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Anonymous said...

I understand what the webmaster is saying. I really do feel bad. Just because a few people just post things without using their brain, the guy will suffer and we will suffer-the guy will be arrested while we will not receive the copies.
Therefore, I really do hope no one does this again, as I am so eagerly waiting to see what the scans are! :)

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