Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bessatsu CoroCoro June (Shougakukan) ed2

Shougakukan published Bessatsu (Separate Volume) CoroCoro June on 28 April 2012.
Here is sample pages and new info as follow.

[ B2W2 Game]
  • Confirmed Regigigas appears Incorrect. It was just screen image of battle.
  • Black Kyurem's Freeze Bolt (Freeze Shock) makes opponent in Paralysis (status ailment) additionally, White Kyurem's Cold Flare (Ice Burn) makes opponent in Burn
  • On 30 June 2012, B2W2 play guide will be published from Shougakukan, of cause includes new Unovo Pokedex.
[ Movie ]
  • Caption says 'Kyurem has the power that changing forme freely by himself'
[ TCG ]
  • Caption says 'Registeel EX' and 'Myu EX' are utilities EX, suitable for minor modification of your deck
Images are ultra heavy, enlarge by click.

Bessatsu CoroCoro June Shougakukan 1
Bessatsu CoroCoro June Shougakukan 2

[ Pokemon Plamo ]
  • Here is clear image, release in August 2012.
Pokemon Plamo BW Kyurem Bandai

[ Reference ]
Bessatsu CoroCoro June : Shougakukan, AmazonJP, Rakuten

[ Edit ]
01 May 2012 : Corrected B2W2 game content 


Weasel said...

So Kyurem can forme change all on its own. That's interesting. A lot of people were thinking that there would be an item in play for that to happen. Very surprising.

Anonymous said...

It can change freely in the movie, not the game...

Anonymous said...

Hooray, Plamo versions of black and white kyurem confirmed!

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