Friday, March 23, 2012

Upcoming Pokemon B2W2 Info

Pokemon fans in the world are eager for the some more B2W2 info day by day.
Toshinobu MATSUMIYA, one of Pokemon game planners (setting scenario and character) in Gamefreak. According to MATSUMIYA-san's recently tweet, there is one suggestion on upcoming info.

GameFreak Matsumiya-san's tweet as of 23 Mar 2012

Meaning : "As for Pokemon Black 2 White 2, my understanding is many info will be revealed around 15 April. Hoping it will meet your high expectation."

It remind us that CoroCoro May magazine will be published on14 April, Pokemon TV show Pokemon Smash will be aired on 15 April.

[ Reference ]
MATSUMIYA-san's Twitter


Weasel said...

We need a time machine. Why? I want to know the information now! but then again, I guess every fan does, don't they? :D

Anonymous said...

at last information is coming!!!!

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