Friday, March 2, 2012

Pokemon Fan / Nobunaga's Book (Shougakukan, Koei)

Pokemon Fan Vol.21 (information magazine for anime/movie/merchandise etc) is published from Shougakukan on 3 March 2012. Will upload the scanning pages soon.
Next Pokemon Fan Vol.22 will come in April.

Pokemon Fan Vol.21 Shougakukan

[ Reference / Order ]
Shougakukan : Pokemon Fan official site 
Amazon JP,
Rakuten Books

For the fan of Pokemon plus Nobunaga's Ambition game, the following books will be published from Koei Tecmo Games in March and April 2012.
  • Official Guide (224 pages, 17 March 2012)
  • Game Visual Setting Guide (128 pages, large size, 28 March 2012)
  • Ultimate Speedrun Guide (400 pages, 17 April 2012)
Will upload the images soon.


Rucka said...

Can´t wait to see some scans! Keep us informed, Kats. And thanks for all the hard work you put in bringing news to us.

Kats said...

Will upload slowly, because my scanner is out of order now XD

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