Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pokemon Movie 15th Info (CoroCoro Shougakukan)

Some pages of CoroCoro magazine Feb 2012 are uploaded by anonymous.

As for Pokemon Movie 15th, new info as follow.
  • Got the top secret that keyword of the movie this year : 15 years anniversary
  • Secret#1 : Kyurem's ice goes ... Kyurem awakes... Is it some sign ?
  • Secret#2 : Secret in 15 Years anniversary poster as well.  
  • Next CoroCoro : Scoop of movie appearing Pokemon 
CoroCoro Feb 2012 Pokemon Movie 15 Kyurem VS Sacred Swordsmen Info Shougakukan

Thank you for your cooperation of 1st image to 2ch GameHard thread.

[ Edit ]
16 Jan 2012: Replaced the image


Hey Other Pokemon News/Info Sites.
When you use the images from 2ch or others, MENTION the source.
Someone paid for the magazine and uploaded with risk.
You are nothing pay and no risk. 
Just mention the source for thanks. It's simple rule, it's common sense. 
Why you can't do that since before ?

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