Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nintendo 3DS new game coming soon

Just inform.
Major economic newspaper Nikkei has an interview with Nintendo Iwata on 6 December 2011. He declares :
  • 3DS sales is going to be over 3M units in Japan.
  • Nintendo will release the 3DS new game having an impact in a few months.
Talking about 'Kid Icarus' or something ? No info on the title at the moment.

It remind us @gibbogame tweeted. OK, we should go to Jump Festa :D

[ Reference ]
Nikkei News via @htmk73

[ Addition (7 Dec 2011 AM11 JST) ]

I checked Nikkei news in the real paper and electric, some info/sentence are omitted in the paper. Not sure English Nikkei news.The above article is based on the electric edition.

Nikkei News Paper Nikkei News Electric

[ Edit ]
07 Dec 2011 AM2 JST : 1st Edit
07 Dec 2011 AM8 JST : Edited the contents
07 Dec 2011 AM11 JST : Added the copies


Anonymous said...

Probably a stupid question, but is it a Pokemon one?

Kats said...

Hoping so :D

Anonymous said...

How is this news though. Aren't there new 3ds games coming out all the time?

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