Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Pokemon Game in Next Spring ?

According to various game and Pokemon site reports, the following tweet is hot topic now.
At nintendo results meeting, materials confirm kid icarus will be released in japan in jan-mar, new pokenon spring, both not listed intl

Nintendo Financial Results Briefing (invester meeting) was held last Friday, he attended then tweeted.

AAPF checked the Iwata-san's presentation speech, document and QA full text (Q8-3 etc), but nothing mentioned it.
His message was tweeted at AM9:59 Friday, also checked that nobody tweet about it in English or Japanese around the time. Seems it means the information came from outside of briefing.

If find the additional news, will update soon.

[ Reference ]

Nintendo : Financial Results Briefing 2012 2Q document (pdf), CEO Iwata speech, QA full text

[ AAPF's memo ]
  • In the tweet on 'kid icarus', it release info have been already announced in Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 held on 13 Sep 2011. Also it is mentioned on the above document. Only Pokemon info coming from out of meeting ?
Kid Icarus in the doc

  • This meeting, target is for investor, press and analyst mainly. As of 31 Oct 2011 23:00 JST, cannot find any Japanese info in the web even one word. (except for my Japanese blog) Like that meeting summary by analyst is only there, but no Pokemon info. Just 2 weeks before, many game/news sites posted on old lovely info ''. Why this time so quiet ?
    Confidential agreement is working very well if they know.

[ Edited ]
31 Oct 2011 13:00 JST : Checked and Added link of QA full text
31 Oct 2011 23:40 JST : Changed the link of Document & Iwata's speech in English, added AAPF's memo
01 Nov 2011 08:20 JST : Changed the link of QA full text

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