Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kyurem Pokemon Plamo ? (Bandai)

Just unconfirmed info.
51th All Japan Model & Hobby Show will open in Makuhara, Chiba, from 13 to 16 October 2011. In Bandai hobby site, the flier says "Gathering Kyurem and BW's Pokemon".
Seems like a new Kyurem Plamo (plastic DIY model kits) come out.
Will edit more details later.  It's confirmed, please see this post.

Bandai 51th AJMH flier

As for the previous release lines, please refer to these posts.
June and Jule 2011 released lines are shown as follow.

[ June 2011 ]
  • Reshiram and Victini set
Reshiram Victini Plamo Set Bandai

  • Zekrom amd Victini set
Zekrom Victini Plamo Set Bandai

[ July 2011 ]
  • Pikachu, Victini (height 75mm)
Pikachu Plamo Bandai
Victini Plamo Bandai

[ Reference ]

Bandai Hobby Site : 51th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

[ Edit ]
4 Oct 2011 : Confirmed Kyurem Plamo will come in Dec 2011.

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