Sunday, March 13, 2011

Links For Earthquake Information Seeking Foreigners in Japan

Here is the links for earthquake information seeking foreigners in Japan.
If find/know the related person, please transfer the followings.
Thank you for your cooperation and help.

1. NHK Radio AM 963Hz
  • On air in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French
2. NHK World TV English in Ustrean
3. Foreigners Information Center
  • Sendai : Tel No 022-265-2471, 022-224-1919 (English, Chinese, Korean)
  • Ibaragi : Tel No 029-301-2862 (English)
4. Japanese Meteorological Agency / Tsunami Warning Center
5. Evacuation place info
6. Personal Search And Messages
6.1 NTT Disaster message service (voice message)
6.2 NTT Docomo disaster message board
6.3 KDDI Docomo disaster message board
6.4 SOFTBANK Docomo disaster message board
6.5 EMOBILE disaster message board
6.6 WILLCOME disaster message board
6.7 Google Personnel Finder
7. Life line Status
7.1 Electric power / blackout info in Japanese
7.2 Gas
8. Transportaion Status in Japanese
8.1 Airplane
8.2 Trains/Bus
8.3 Road (Highway/Downway)
Edition 1: 13 Mar 2011

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