Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pokemon Fan Club Montly Present (PokeCenJP)

Pokemon official fan club site in Japan updates the following monthly present.
  • Prize-A : DSi decoration film (Snivy or Tepig or Oshawott) and Wrap to 300 persons
Pokemon Fan Club Montly Present DSi Deco-film & Wrap

  • Prize-B : Emonga / Emolga life size plush (height 40cm, width: 24cm) to 200 persons
Pokemon Fan Club Emonga Emolga Life Size Plush

As for Emonga plush, it will be available on 5 February 2011 at PokeCenJP as well.
Pokemon Life Size Plush Emolga Minccino PokeCenJP

[ Reference ]
Pokemon Fan Club :  Montly present (after member-id login)

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