Sunday, November 14, 2010

Updated Pokemon Plush Info

Weekly new release Pokemon plush at Namco is Kibako in this we. As for other line that new plush release every Saturday, PokeCenJP announced it in the official page. It follows story of Pokemon TV Anime BW series, airs on Thursday in Japan.
Pics are uploaded to relational article 'Pokemon Plushies Release in Crowds No.3'.
  • #554 Darumakka (6 Nov), #610 Kibako (13 Nov), #520 hatobow (20 Nov)
  • #511 Yanappu, #551 Meguroko, #572 Chillarmyi

[ Reference & Relational article }
Namco official Pokemon game prize page
PokeCenJP merch. release info1, info2
Pokemon Plushies Release in Crowds No.3


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Kats said...

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