Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog Updated Useful Page, Label etc

Thank you for visiting All About Pokemon Figure (AAPF) always.
The following four parts in blog have been applied/updated for more easy contents navigation .
  • Useful Summary Page :  Added link to release summary of Pokemon Toys products per year, per series on top page right menu. Tomy Pokemon figure number list as well. In series summary, still many under construction but on going to update. (To Rss/Atom/email  using user, please visit to actual site once)
  • Label : Re-assigned the label on the each posts for several searching 'Clipping figure', 'Keshipoke' and 'Metal figure'. More easy reference. ex) Keshipoke  
  • iPhone access : Applied to reroute to optimize site from iPhone access. If prefer direct access to optimized site, please use this url. If prefer same as PC site view, please select OFF on Mobile Theme in bottom toggle or use this url. (iPad as well ? I am not sure...)
  • other Mobile terminal access : More simple format/contents, please use this url
One more thing there is something I would like to inform you,  AAPF will be slowdown for 12 November to the beginning of December 2010, am going to network unstable place. Will post a few pool info in the period. Don't worry, not that 2nd cold sleep....

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