Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Charactors in Platinum (Game)

In previous article Corrocoro's Oct first scanning, the new charactors are introduced.
Here is more info. The shown names are in Japanese.
  • BrutoPluto : Exective of Team Galaxy, appear in Valley Windworks (Valley Powerplant)
  • Kokuran & Cattleya, Kate, Dahlia : Battle Brains
  • Kurotsugu (Tower Tycoon Palmer): apprears after single battle 20 winnings continuously, his Pokemon is Dragonite and Rhyperior
  • Nejiki : Battle Factory head, apprears after single battle 20 winnings continuously

[ Reference ] Pokemon Platinum Official Site
[ For Platinum order Link : Available in ]

[Edit 13 September ]
  • Corrected name of Exective of Team Galaxy, it is Pluto.
  • Added Kurotsugu and Nejiki Info

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