Thursday, July 3, 2008

JP auction Tips#2

Coming soon Pokemon movie 11th release, number of listing of Pokemon items in YJ auction are most increase this time every year. How to search your item from huge listing in YJ auction efficiently, would introduce some tips.

1. Term with Hiragana, Katakana

Some sellers are listing various items (mixed items) and listing title is "色々" or ”イロイロ" or "いろいろ". YJ search engine hits all of them as different term.
For example, result of searching from Pokemon animation goods category as of 2 July as follow:
  • 色々 : 12 items
  • イロイロ : 5 items
  • いろいろ : 17 items 
In case of mixed Hiragana and Katakana of merchandise name, please search both of them.
ex1) Keshipoke けしポケ or ケシポケ

2. Glossy Shortcut or other term

ex1) Tomy Monster Collection : モンスターコレクション or モンコレ
ex2) Pokemon Kids : ポケモンキッズ or ポケモン 指人形
ex3) Pokemon Center : ポケモンセンター or ポケセン
ex4) Banpresto Pokemon Plush :コロっとまんまるぬいぐるみ or コロぬい

3. AND/OR/NOT condition

Directly you can specify the following format to search column.

[ AND ] Specify space between term
  • want search : ぬいぐるみ and セット
  • format : ぬいぐるみ セット
[ OR ] Specify blanket and insert space between term
  • want search : 色々 or イロイロ or いろいろ
  • format : (色々 イロイロ いろいろ)
  • want search : ポケモン or ポケットモンスター or ぽけもん
  • format (ポケモン ポケットモンスター ぽけもん)
[ NOT ] Specify minus ( - ) before term
  • want search : not "カード"
  • format : -カード
[ AND/OR/NOT all using ]
  • want search : Pokemon plush various/mixed items except for aaaa from top category
  • format : ぬいぐるみ (ポケモン ポケットモンスター ポケモン ぽけもん) (色々 イロイロ いろいろ セット) -aaaa
On the other hands, also it is enjoyable to check one by one.
Have a happy hunting !

[ Edit 3 July ]
Added Banpresto Pokemon Plush コロ ぬい

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