Friday, June 13, 2008

Uploading Photo Shaymin Choro-Q, Tomy MC etc

The followings are upcoming merchandise additional info based on Corocoro July's magazine.

[ Choro-Q by SevenEleven ]
[ Lottery by SevenEleven ]

  • SevenElevenJapan also will handle lottery. 3 grade of prizes, Large figure, plush and soft-case.
[ New Merchandise Present / Corocoro ]

  • Corocoro Magazine will present the following items by lottery. Items are 1. Arm band, 2. T-shirt, 3. Watch, 4. Tomy MC Clear Figure 4 pcs set (OMG !), 5. Battle Action Figure 2 pcs set, 6. Mini Coin Case, 7. Stationery3 pcs set, 8. DS Lite Cover
  • Probably these items will be released to the market later respectively. In case of Tomy MC clear figures, they released in the movie period in movie 10th, will be same. Shaymin clear figure is also availabe by SevenEleven lunch box.
Corocoro Present
[ Happy meal set / McDonald'sJP ]

  • In previous article Pokemon 3D Image Toy, additional present as bellow, poster and celluloid sheet (laid under writing paper).
McDonald Happy meal set additional item

[ Reference ] Corocoro magazine (July)


Tru said...

Do you know when the 7/11 lottery large Giratina origin and Shaymin sky form figure will be released?

Kats said...

It will be released on July 10. (Not July 11 ^^; )

Tru said...

So these toys can only be obtained by playing lottery at 7/11? Not for sale to the public? I really want them. T_T

Kats said...

Yes only at SevenEleven at present. If updating info there, I will post.

Sam said...


do you know when giratina battle action figure will come out?

Kats said...

Hi Sam,
It will be released on 3 July from Tomy. I will post the article later. Thanks for remind me ^^;

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