Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shaymin Sky Forme Info#2

Baker company Daiichipan starts stickers collection (well‐known as Deco-chara) No.92 recently. The following Japanese blog owner is one of Deco-chara fans. She wrote "realized includes deference Shaymin forme in No.92. Checked it myself by the net, then understood that also Shaymin can change to other forme, same as Giratina" on 3 June. The photo is appeared today. Thanks to Pokemon Movie thread in 2ch.

[ Reference ]
One of Japanese blog : Shaymin Forme Change
Photo : deleted post from cach

Shaymin Other Forme DecoChara
[ Added ] 8 June 2008 AM6:42 JST/ 7 June 2008 PM14:42 PST

Photo was found by google cach. Original article was posted on 4 June, before appearing drink cup photo from Pokemon official site. Blog owner deleted original article because someone gave her pressure via blog's comment.
And she said there are three kind of Sky forme stickers. Now Pokemon fans especially Deco-chara fans are looking for other stickers before June's Corocoro release.

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