Friday, June 13, 2008

Shaymin Sky Forme First Merchandise (Bandai)

Time is coming !!
The final photo for previous article Pokemon Strap 2008 Movie version (Bandai) is uploaded.
New Pokemon was Shaymin sky forme. This item is the first official 3D shape merchandise of Shaymin sky forme. It will come out on 18 June. Includes clear version randomly.
  • #025 Pikachu
  • #393 Piplup
  • #487 Giratina (origin forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (land forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (sky forme)

Pokemon Strap 2008 Movie ver
[ Reference ]
Bandai : Bandai Merchandise Catalog Listing
AAPF : Pokemon Strap 2008 Movie version (Bandai)

AAPF posted the above previous article on 1 April, everything was started by it. All pieces of puzzle are connected and solved now. Feeling is just finished to read a long mystery novel, included "super lure".
Hoping you also enjoyed this story :D
Thank you for visiting and your cooperation !

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