Friday, June 6, 2008

Shaymin Land Forme Confirmed

Shaymin "Land forme" is confirmed by the following two sites.
  • Land forme is mentioned in the photo that Tomy's toy 'Super Battle Card Stadium, Shaymin extension figure set', will be released on 13 July. The following blog has two photos. First one is 'famous photo' as you known and second is a screen copy from official Tomy products page. Second photo has been deleted from Tomy's site at present, but same day release Regigigas and Giratina are left. [ Reference : Japanese blog1 ]
  • Land forme is tagged on display shelf for Shaymin Pokedoll at one of PokemonCenter. PokemonCenter where AAPF usual visiting place doesn't mention it. [ Reference : Japanese blog2 ]
AAPF is certain these two are not "sophisticated fishing".
If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.
OK, next is Sky Forme. Countdown starting.

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