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Summary of June's comic "Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin"

The comic "Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin", performed by Makoto HIJIOKA, it is serial comic on Corocoro magazine. Would try to summarize June's contents (vol.2 48pages).
Looks there are some hints for movie 11th.

[ Shaymin ]
  • Ash group got the info that a man saw Shaymin's Flower Carrying (花はこび) at Village Teni (テンイ村) before.
  • On flower garden, Shaymin's party are gethering (or plural Shaymins ?)
  • Shaymin looks male (Shaymin call himself 'ぼく')
  • When Shaymin wanted fly, Shaymin rode on Wingull. Didn't fly himself
  • Flower on Shaymin's back bloomed when Shaymin inhaled the Glacidia (グラシデア) pollen
  • Shaymin with blooming was aggressive, attacked Zero's Magnemite by Energyball and provoked Giratina
  • In the night, Shaymin went down (because of fading out Glacidia pollen ?)
  • Seed Flare is polluted air purification from Shaymin's inside body
  • In the past, Shaymin has blew the forest away after inhaling poison gas
  • Zero's Magnemites attacked Shaymin with Miasma, then Shaymin performed Seed Flare. After that, the hole was appeared in the Reverse World
  • Shaymin does not know why Giratina aim Shaymin
[ Giratina ]
  • Giratina wants Shaymin's help (Seed Flare) for going to real world. Because Giratina had been confined to Reverse World by Dialga
  • Giratina has ability that create Dimensional Swirl (次元の渦), it is the entrance to Reverse World from real world
  • After Shaymin performed Seed Flare, the hole was appeared in the Reverse World. Then, Giratina could out from Reverse World, but Zero's ship:Megaliba is going to catch Giratina
[ Zero ]
  • Zero was assistant of Mugen who is scholar for Reverse World
  • Zero and Mugen found and entered to Reverse World 6 years before
  • Zero's intrigue is to be King of Reverse World using Giratina
  • Purpose of Zero attacks Shaymin is to out Giratina from Reverse World using Shaymin's Seed Flare
[ Others ]
  • Village Teni and neighborhood have a custom, to gift Glacidia flower to someone who have been good to them.
  • Village Teni is located at the foot of the glacier
  • Ash group go by ship to Village Teni, across the fjord
  • Team Rocket who were involved to Reverse World, they were apprenticed to Mugen
Next July Vol.3 is last.

[ Reference ]

Corocoro June's comic "Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin" Vol.2

Corocoro June's comic

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