Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Japanese Auction Tips#1 (Aucfan.com)

Recently I often encounter the auction agency (middle man) for buying at several categories in YJ auction. For the auction users especially Japanese auction, do you use AucFan.com ?
The site contains the final price for past 13 months (*1) in 5 auctions (Yahoo Japan, Mobaauc, Rakuten, Bidders, Amazon jp). As for current price, Amazon us and eBay are covered as well. We can know 'actual market price' and trend etc. The following photo is just hands on, searching clear Pikachu PokeKids for example. *1 : If enter to Aucfan member, searchable for 24 months max with thumbnail
Have a happy hunting !

AucFan Searching resultAucFan Detail Search Menu[ Reference ]
AucFan English Top Page

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