Thursday, April 3, 2008

New 5th Generation Pokemon or Not ?

Just check the past and presume.
  • Nov 2002 : Game Ruby Sapphire released
  • May 2004 : Munchlax was introduced in June's Corocoro magazine [ added ]
  • Jun 2004 : Munchlax plush released by Tomy [ added ]
  • Jul 2004 : 7th movie Destiny Deoxys released, Munchlax appeared in the movie.
  • Sep 2006 : Game Diamond Pearl released
  • Jul 2008 : 11th movie going to release
Munchlax is one of 4th generation Pokemon, was introduced 2 years faster than DP game.
So, will be same way in this time or not...

What's in a name ?
That which we call a Pokemon
By any other word play as sweet

Welcome any Pokemon !

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