Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pokemon Figure Release Info in March (Bandai PokeKids)

Bandai Pokemon Kids series 'Attacks learned' 08, will release 14 figures in end of March. 'Attacks learned' is Pokemon Diamond Pearl version. As for 07, posted to Pokemon Figure Release Info in September (Bandai PokeKids).
  • #025 Pikachu (Volt Tackle)Bandai PokemonKids Attack 08
  • #101 Electrode (Explosion)
  • #121 Starmie (Rapid Spin)
  • #144 Articuno (Ice Beam)
  • #145 Zapdos (Drill Peck)
  • #146 Moltres (Flamethrower)
  • #196 Espeon (Future Sight)
  • #197 Umbreon (Mean Look)
  • #207 Gligar (Guillotine)
  • #235 Smeargle (Sketch)
  • #272 Ludicolo (Astonish)
  • #286 Breloom (Sky Uppercut)
  • #289 Slaking (Yawn)
  • #373 Salamence (Dragon Claw)


Anonymous said...

Ohh, I hope you put up a picture soon, I'm really interested to know how they look like :D!

Kats said...

Sure when a picture will be there I will upload it (bit enlarge one ^_^)

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know where you can buy pokekids in America (or a place to ships them to America). I'm looking for certain pikachu pokekids! Thank you =D!

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