Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mega Charizard X and 2 New Pokemon + α (XY)

1. In aired Pokemon TV Anime 'The Origin' today, Mega Charizard X was announced.
It's exclusive Pokemon in X, will be evolved from Charizard with CharizarditeX. Type is Fire/Dragon, has ability of Tough Claws. 

[ Pics ]

2. According to tomorrow publish girls magazine Chao from Shougakukan, Pokemon featuring page is posted in 2ch. 
Swirlix evolves to Slurpuff ペロリーム and Spritzee to Aromatisse フレフワン, type is fairy same as before .

Peroriimu and Furefuwan from Chao Nov

3. Mega Charizard X news reminds me that upcoming CoroCoro magazine contents.  In October CoroCoro of Mega Garchomp page, caption says 'You can't take your eyes off from Mega Garchomp next CoroCoro too !!'. Very wondered that why do they feature Mega Garchomp more, we've already got info, anything else ? when I saw this. 
Do you think is it same as Charizard, Mega in X and Y ?

4. Just new Pokemon info from leakers. They found Espurr which 1st evolution of  Meowstic and Fletchinder which 2nd evolution of Fletchling. Please check these links if want to see.   

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