Friday, June 8, 2012

Start Countdown for Keldeo New Forme Pokemon Bath Powder

Found the very clear evidence of Keldeo new forme.

Bandai will release the following soap figure (bath powder) 'Kyurem VS Keldeo' in the beginning of July 2012. Will replace the image soon. As for previous released lines, please see these articles.
  • Pikachu
  • Black Kyurem
  • White Kyurem
  • Meloetta Aria forme
  • Keldeo as usual form (いつものすがた)
Image was deleted by request.

Thank you to @denkimouse of Sunyshore for the heads up.

We have reported on veiling Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon merchandises, one unknown Pokemon is existing. Now countdown starts to see Keldeo UNUSUAL form :D
Found name of other form, please see this page. ADD
Found image of other form ADD

Image of Keldeo Resolution Form 

[ Reference ]
Rakuten : Kimeidou, AmiAmi

[ Edit ]
9 Jun 2012: Added the link for name of the other form
10 Jun 2012 : According to すがた in Japanese, edited 'usual forme' to 'usual form'
10 Jun 2012 : Added the link of other form

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