Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pokemon BW2 latest Info (PokeSma & Others)

Pokemon new two function reveals yesterday according to PokeCenJP gives BW2 Booklet.
  • Fes Mission (フェスミッション) : Clear the some mission with other players via Wifi
  • Joint Avenue (ジョイントアベニュウ) : You can open own shop, visitor is communicated passing each other before (CrossPass)

Pokemon BW2 FesMission JointAvenue

[ Reference ]
Shiranui223's Blog

[ PV for FesMission and Joint Avenue ] ADD

 And here is today's aired Pokemon Smash contents (Pokewood) and new Pokemon BW2 PV links as I tweeted.

[ Pokemon BW2 New TV CM as of 3 June 2012 @Strughoni 1/2 ]

[ Pokemon BW2 New TV CM as of 3 June 2012 @Strughoni 2/2 ]

In the above new CM, confirmed the followings.
  • Skyla (Fuuro) appears and her Gym renewal.
  • Getshis with Kyurem VS N with Zekrom or Reshiram
  • Added Pichu Balloon

[ Pokemon BW2 Pokewood Game Play Footage @PLDHnetLite ]

Interestesting things is Riolu has Ice Punch. (Not sure by Move Tutor or Egg Move)

[ Edit ]
5 June 2012 : Edited the video links and contents
7 June 2012 : Added the video for FesMission and JointAvenue

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